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The "Refresh" Phenomenon

Aaaahhhhh, we've all been there haven't we. That time where we just need our 'refresh' to give us that little perk up and rebalance, where we feel that we have got out of kilter with life. Last week was our families turn... woohoo!!! (That's how I felt anyway!) I always find that the first few days are total relax time, where we make sure that each of us gets the time we need in a place we need. Luckily for our family, we all love all things beach, pool and nature.... oh yeah and delicious food!!

But often after I've refreshed that little bit, I get a bit more of the inspiration that I've been fighting for beginning to kick in. You know that time when you are super busy, but you know there's that nagging idea or concept or learning in the back of your mind. And you try and discover it, you push hard, but it just doesn't 'come out'. These refresh times really help me to find it again!

For me this trip was all about getting my head around future planning for the various different chiropractic loves in my love. About planning a way forward for INNATE child, to help connect with more chiro's to realise their passion for working with children and families. And also about business function, and how we can make the framework of a chiropractic business work for us, rather than we working on it. I've recently read two amazing books that have really connected with me, Profit First by Mike Michalowicz and The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk. I'm sure I'll be blogging more on these influences over coming months.

I wouldn't of had the clarity to properly think about these strategies and the way forward if it wasn't for the refresh. It's a phenomenon that I think we have all been doing without often realising it. That break from the 'norm' to get our batteries recharged. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. To reconnect with our loved ones and enjoy each other again rather than just going through the motions of day to day life.

When we are in practice and in constant energy exchange with other people, and also if we have a family with kids where we are strongly giving all the time(which we wouldn't have any other way), then this feeling of needing a 'refresh' can become quite overwhelming. Never dismiss this feeling. It's your psyche calling to you to take some much needed time away. You may be able to take a day, a half day or an hour, or you may be lucky to get to go an a holiday, but whatever it is making sure you honour your innate calling you is vital.

And if you can't holiday, then surround yourself with people who can help to build you up again. You will help you fill that internal bucket of love and inspiration. Give you that effervescence of refreshment for your soul.

So this was just a quickie.... to touch base and hopefully encourage you to take the time to refresh. One of my early practice mentors said we needed to allow a quarterly refresh, that is schedule a break from practice each quarter, to keep us really working well when we are there. And for those of you with strong children and family practices, this is absolutely vital. You need to give to yourself to give back! You can't drive the bottom line of your practice if you aren't giving to yourself in order to grow and be authentic.

I hope that this 'refresh phenomenon' doesn't remain so. That it becomes normal to regularly take breaks. Go forth and HOLIDAY I say!!!

Love and blessings,



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