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Alison graduated from RMIT in 2002, and began working with children and families in Western Australia immediately following graduation, and when faced with some challenging children patients, she realised she didn't have all the answers. This is what spurred her drive to learn more about working with kids. After being an associate chiropractor for 3 years, she went into partnership with Dr. Olivia Gleeson at Nervana Chiropractic Palmyra.

In this time she completed her Masters in Chiropractic Paediatrics through McTimoney College of Chiropractic and the Kiro Kids program with Dr. Neil Davies. She completed research on the role of the chiropractic adjustment in impacting cerebellar function in primary school children. She was on the board of CAA(WA) for 7 years, including roles in Public Relations and as Vice President. She was also a member of the Chiropractors Registration Board of WA for the 4 years prior to the formation of AHPRA.


During these years she also began to speak at conferences throughout Australia. She has always spoken on the topics of children and chiropractic. She often presents on communicating with children and families, as well as techniques to improve the skill levels of her colleagues when working with children. She is passionate about helping children and their families to be their best self. She knows that in todays world, our children are under every increasing stressors that can affect health significantly. She aims to help children overcome these, and to have fully functioning nerve systems that adapt to their environment as they are supposed too.

  • NeuroImpulse Protocol - Advanced

  • Thompson Technique

  • Webster Certified

  • Inspiral 

  • B.Chiro.Sci/B.App.Sci(Clin)

  • M.Chiro.Sci(Paediatrics)


I would love to connect with you, please email me below so I can answer any of your questions. You can also follow Innate Child on our Facebook feed.

Skype: draliscott

​Email: alison@innatechild.com.au

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