I'm Dr. Alison Young, and I'm a Chiropractor with a passion for helping other chiropractors to achieve their best, highest and appropriate level of care, married with their vision for themselves and their practice, when working with Children and Families.

I graduated from RMIT in 2002 and went on to complete my Masters in Chiropractic Science (Paediatrics), through Kiro Kids and McTimoney College. I feel there is always more to learn and learning never ends, I'm always excited to help others on their journey so we can all help our communities and chiropractic at large.

INNATE Child was born from many of my colleagues approaching me to advise them on working with children and families, and integration of this into a busy practice. 


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Webinar/module series

INNATE Child is all about our pre-eminent module and learning programs. In 2017 these options have been broadened to have 2 very distinct pathways! 


The initial coaching/module program has now been extended to 7 Modules, with 10.5FLA hours.This program is an individual coaching session for the first 5 modules, and final coaching session when Modules 6 and 7 are completed. But more than this, it is all about connecting you the practitioner with YOUR vision and passion of working with children. It upskills you as a practitioner through vital elements, it helps you make sure you cover your bases with Informed Consent, note taking, reports of findings and scheduling care, but I think more importantly than that it helps you connect and communicate on a deeper and more beneficial level, helping you and your patients have a greater understanding of what it is that Chiropractic and the power of their own body, can help them with.

student and new graduate package

A program of 5 modules of learning and webinars aimed at students and new grads to help upskill them ready to see children with confidence. 


This package includes topics covering personal vision, communication with children and parents, first visit, report of findings, regular office visits, scheduling and the importance of regular re-examinations, AHPRA compliance and informed consent, and this can all add up to 3.5 hours of FLA if assignments are completed!

module learning

2017 also sees the launch of our two stand alone module learning options. The Evidence Based module is designed to help you as a Chiropractor to conduct a check of your practice, to learn how to meet requirements whilst maintaining the type of practice you desire. The Cranial Nerve module is about making the occasionally daunting task of examining kids a lot more approachable!

evidence based practice when working with children

A module that provides the latest research that supports Chiropractic care for children. It also explores research for particular symptom presentations from the chiropractic and medical perspective, to help provide the balanced views to parents. This research covers the latest in safety and consensus on working with children. A must have invaluable tool for Chiropractors who regularly see Children. You can also gain 4.5 hours of FLA by completing the assignment work.

cranial nerves and kids

A webinar, video and notebook module that should help upskill you to assess the cranial nerves in all ages from newborns to older children with confidence, accuracy and efficiency.  If you choose to complete FLA hours through the assessment you can also gain 2.5 hours.


I would love to connect with you, please email me below so I can answer any of your questions. You can also follow Innate Child on our Facebook feed.

Skype: draliscott


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