01/7-13 at 12.33 by: Dr. Alison Young
Oh yes! The Common Cold

Two of us have had the common cold in our house, and it has made me think about what we do to help our immune system when it is challenged like this.

Whilst living over here in Malaysia, we have luckily been exposed to many different bugs, germs, people and stuff! This is something that I am thankful for! What could be better for our little girls immune system than being challenged by lots of different things in her first year of life. You may think I'm crazy, but we know through physiology/biology that this is when the body learns how to mount an immune response effectively(adaptive immunity). Whilst being a parent in this situation is tough, you definitely don't want to see your little one with a blocked nose, or elevenses (as we call them... yep snot trails from nose to lip, think about it, totally a number 11), in the long run, we know that it can really help our kids to get sick sometimes. We are also breastfeeding, which we know supports her immune system to fight off the bugs, and mount an appropriate response. 


So, being faced with the lovely common cold, what does our family do as natural health practitioners to help maximise immune function? Here is a quick list...

  • Good nutrition! One of the most important things I have found is to eat healthy foods. You may want to cook up a lovely chicken soup broth, or even a wholesome bone broth. It is often a time when we don't feel like eating much, so maximising the nutrient value of what we do eat is essential! For Miss M, who is nearly 7 months old, I have been making sure she has been having all organic foods (pumpking, zucchini, pear, apples), and that these have been pureed with homemode bone broth, and then stirred in with breastmilk and some probiotics (see below). Also, be wary of sugars. I'm not sure why, and I haven't looked into this completely, but having a lot of sugars, especially processed ones, seems to increase mucus production and can make us sicker. As I said, I haven't researched this yet, so watch out for that info. But we all know that sugars aren't great nutrition anyway, so just steer away from them for a few days!
  • Probiotics! These are great for everyone, as they help to support the gut, which is an important element of our immune response. Baby biotics are easy to mix into solids for little ones. If your bubba is not up to solids yet, then we used to make it into a paste with breastmilk and pop it into her mouth before a feed. She would eat it up, and then the feed would help to wash it through.
  • Plenty of rest! I know, our mum's were right! But getting more rest when you are sick will help your body do its amazing innate job of fighting the bugs and mounting its immune response. Taking it slow for a few days can really help your body, and help you too. Sometimes, we get sick when we have been too busy. Unfortunately, over the years I have seen this happen in mums and bubs in our practice, where the body eventually needs a little re-set after the endless nights of interrupted sleep. Enrol your partner/husband/friends/family/babysitter/dog(well not really), so you can get a good sleep as well as your little bubba.
  • See Your Chiropractor and Switch on your Nerve System! This is probably a different concept for many of you, but one of the most significant control mechanisms of immune function is the nerve system! Therefore we need to make sure our brain and nerve system are firing on all cylinders. Whats one of the best ways to do this, see your chiropractor! Chiropractors are trained specifically to determine if there are any subluxations (google this term, it is awesome), that can interfere with the correct functioning of your nerve system. Getting yourself and your little ones checked may help to improve your immune response. I have included some research on this below. i hope you find it interesting reading!
  • Keep up your fluids! I know, mum was right again! But keeping up your fluids is essential. Our body is comprised of a large amount of water. From apparently 75% at birth, and declining slowly over time to 50%+ (5). Having enough water is very important, as it helps to flush out toxins and waste products from our immune response. We need to make sure we keep peeing, as does our bubba too! Your baby may want more milk feeds whilst they are sick. I see this is a-ok, because INNATELY they know where there immune system is supported from (breastmilk), and they are doing what they know is best to get it functioning well again. Over the last three days, Miss M has had an extra feed each day, and still maintained her solids intake level as well.


I hope this helps when you are faced with the common cold. As I said earlier, it can be a tough time, but looking at the positives of it building your bubba's immune system for the future may just help! You may not be dancing around the house rejoicing, in fact we all know it is much more likely that you will be slumming it in your pj's, with unbrushed hair and not having showered, but that's ok! Thats you resting, and honouring the innate ability of your body to do what it does best - get healthy, maintain homeostasis, and function in your current environment.


For further info on any of this, just comment or email me, I've placed the references I used below!


Dr. Ali.



  1. Daycare Syndrome - Do recurrent infections in infants and preschoolers in daycare play a role in Immune System Development - Gerber Medical. 
  2. Natural News - Chiropractic and Immune Function 
  3. Chiropractic and antibodies trial 
  4. Chiropractic and Immune function overview
  5. Wikipedia body water percentages
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